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10.10.2016: Every year, confronTi offers two opportunities to meet, think and debate on Canton Ticino’s economic dynamics (their trend and their structure) in a comparative framework that includes interregional, national and cross-border realities. confronTi-economia 2016 aims to explore this issue:

Ticino and industry 4.0: 

opportunities and challanges of digitalization

Since the beginning of the Twenty-first century, our society has been experiencing a rapid digital revolution. Concepts such as ''The Internet of Things" or "E-commerce" have become more and more universally used. This transformation has not spared the industrial sector, leading to the "fourth industrial revolution" or "industry 4.0." These terms indicate the change in industrial manufacturing processes due to the increasing integration of digital technologies and resulting in changes of products and production methods.

confronTi-economia 2016 aims to explore these issues, by means of involving researchers, policymakers and industry representatives who will discuss the current situation and future opportunities for our canton in relation to the digitalization of the economy.

The program includes presentations by the speakers from IRE-USI, as well as other universities involved in the study of the so-called "smart industry", who will discuss opportunities and challenges of digitalization. The event will continue with a panel discussion made up of institutional and economic operators.

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22.06.2016: We published a research about purchasing power and wage differences in Switzerland: “Income Vs prices” in "La vie économique". The full text is available in french Revenus contre prix and german Einkommen gegen Preise.